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Loyalty Points

Introducing Our Way to Reward You!

We are all lovers of things anime/manga related, and we all spend our hard-earned money to be able to get our favourite merchandise.  Here at Akibashi, we want to reward our customers for their passion, so we teamed up with Marsello and introduced a unique loyalty rewards scheme, so that everytime you purchase something from Akibashi, you will be rewarded generously with Bashi Points!

To gain access to our loyalty rewards scheme, you will need to create a store account with us. Doing so will automatically bag you 50 Bashi Points! Sugoi!!

So How Do You Gain Bashi Points?!

Everytime you order and purchase merchandise from Akibashi, you are qualified to gain Bashi Points.  These points can be used to claim various rewards from the store that can allow you to save money on your next purchases!

Now, every £1 you spend on our store, you will gain 10 Bashi Points.  So if you spend £50, you will gain 500 Bashi Points.  The more Bashi Points you accumulate, the greater rewards you will be able to access.

How Can You Access The Loyalty Program?


You can access the loyalty program by selecting 'Bashi Points' from our Main Menu.  The widget below should then load up on your screen:


We aim to update our rewards with more variety when our store starts to grow with your support.  Our vision is to be the best and most generous place for you to shop for anime and manga merchandise!

You can also earn more Bashi Points by completing some of the profile objectives on the 'How to Earn Points' tab.


You can earn additional Bashi Points by completing some of the initial objectives:

  • Create an Akibashi Customer Account - 25 Bashi Points
  • Complete Your Profile - 20 Bashi Points
  • Like us on our Facebook Page - 20 Bashi Points
  • Follow our Twitter Account - 20 Bashi Points
  • Follow our Instagram Page - 20 Bashi Points
  • Share us on Facebook - 20 Bashi Points
  • Share us on Twitter - 20 Bashi Points
  • Refer a Friend - 50 Bashi Points
  • Birthday Reward - 1000 Bashi Points

We want to make sure that your support and loyalty to Akibashi will not go unnoticed and that you can receive as many rewards as we can give you!

Please bear in mind that the birthday reward will only be paid out to customers who have had an Akibashi Customer Account for over 3 months, just a little precaution for us!

So What Happens When I Refer a Friend to Akibashi?

Within the 'How to Earn Points' tab, there is an objective labelled 'Refer a Friend'.  Clicking on this button will generate a link that you can share with any of your friends.

When a friend utilises this link, they will be able to create a store account and gain 10% off their first purchase with Akibashi.  You can also select a variety of social media apps connected to your account to easily share your code. You will also be rewarded with 50 Bashi Points for every friend that is invited! Oishii!

We hope that our unique loyalty scheme will make us your first choice for anything anime and manga related!!