We are a Good Smile Partner Store! We provide 24hr Tracked Deliveries on all orders! We are proudly rated 5 ★ overall on Trustpilot! We are a Good Smile Partner Store! We provide 24hr Tracked Deliveries on all orders! We are proudly rated 5 ★ overall on Trustpilot!

About Us

Hello!  Welcome to Akibashi, an online store that provides anime and manga merchandise that ranges from Good Smile Company figures to a variety of merchandise that spans from many different Anime/Manga series as well as gaming franchises.

We are a new startup business, setup around February 2019, and our vision is to become the best possible provider of anime and manga merchandise in the UK.  We aim to create a personalised and fun approach to our service, providing as low prices as possible while rewarding you with loyalty points called Bashi Points! 

We only sell the highest of quality anime and manga merchandise sourced from authentic and trusted businesses and providers.  We have direct links to wholesalers and producers to bring you the very best merchandise out there.

The name 'Akibashi' refers to the two major areas of Japan that specialises in anime goods; Akihabara in Tokyo and Nipponbashi Den Den Town in Osaka.  Visiting these two places drove our passion in bringing this amazing culture to the UK and provide the best figures and merchandise that the industry can produce.

Our aim is to grow as steady but efficient as possible whilst maintaining the highest quality of customer service and products, so our product list will naturally evolve and expand the more we sell.  With your support, we can start something incredible and be able to give you more options whilst keeping those low prices!


Who We Are

Mark Stebbing - Founder and Owner of Akibashi

Ever since I was young, I have always had a huge passion for anything anime related.  The first few series I ever got into are Outlaw Star, Trigun and Neon Genesis Evangelion.  Those classics left a colossal impression on me and from then on, I have watched and followed hundreds of different series; from Darling in the Franxxx to Code Geass which have powerful and engrossing stories and characters.

From this passion, I started to collect Nendoroids and many other types of figures.  I have also visited Japan a few times and going to places like Akihabara and Den Den Town only reinforced my desire to start this business and provide many other passionate anime fans, like yourself, merchandise and figures that you can collect and treasure. 

I hope as you browse our currently small but ambitious store and continue to trade with us, we can grow and give you plenty of options in the near future so that we can become your #1 choice for all things anime related!