We are proudly a Good Smile Partner Store! We provide 24hr Tracked Deliveries on all orders! We are proudly rated 5 ★ overall on Trustpilot! We are proudly a Good Smile Partner Store! We provide 24hr Tracked Deliveries on all orders! We are proudly rated 5 ★ overall on Trustpilot!

Welcome to Akibashi!

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Welcome to Akibashi!

I am incredibly excited to welcome you to a brand new website, Akibashi, which allows you to shop for high-quality, authentic anime and manga merchandise, as well as share your thoughts and opinions on this blog.  My name is Mark and it has been a lifelong dream to set up a business that allows me to sell the things I love.  Now I can fufill that dream with you all.  I hope what you find on our store are merchandise that you would love to have at very fair prices and also reward you generously for being such a passionate anime and manga fan.

I have been a fan of anime ever since I was around five to six years old, the first few times watching Dragonball Z and Pokemon in the late 90s, I was immediately hooked. Since there were no likes of Crunchyroll and Funanimation back then, I scoured the television channels at night like Toonami and Cartoon Network, trying to seek out more anime series I have not yet seen.  I stumbled on anime series like Outlaw Star and Trigun soon after and it only reinforced how much I love watching anime in general.  The dynamic and variety of stories, characters, animation styles and genres out there is what keeps bringing me back to watch series after series, old and new.

I started to collect figures, mainly nendoroids, of characters that I really like.  I have quite a few and continue to gather as much as I can.  And from this hobby, I decided to open up an online store that sells these kinds of merchandise so anyone out there who shares the same passion as I do can also get ahold of their own figures and other products from their favourite series.

As you can see from our launch stock, we have only just started up and have a few things available.  Our ambitious vision is to grow and be able to stock as much variety of figures as possible and also stock a huge range of merchandise that covers things from mugs, bags, cutlery, wallets...pretty much as many things as possible.  We also want to gain partnership with Good Smile Company to extend our portfolio with them and get a huge range of nendoroids, figmas, parfoms and many other varieties. 

We want you to come to Akibashi and be able to discover merchandise that you really want to get and we want to supply you as much as we can.  If you want to request anything that is not currently in our store, by all means message us on any social media we are on or use our contact form; we will try to assist you in any way we can!

It is going to be a long road ahead of us, and we only starting small.  But we dream big, and I know with your love and support, we can grow this store into something special and become the best supplier of all things anime and manga related! Domo-Domo!!