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Store News Update #7

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Store News Update #7

Greetings everyone! It has been at around 2 months since the last store update!  Sorry if this has taken a bit longer than usual, the reason was due to me being on holiday for 3 weeks, so I was out of the country for some well earned rest!

While I was gone, Akibashi was still open for business and was ran by some "well trained minions" who were well versed in making sure that all packaging and deliveries were done in the highest quality fashion and efficiency as I have strived for since this store was opened back in February. And as I expected, everything went very well and everyone got their orders on time and in great condition, so all is good!

Now that I am back, I have been able to add quite a few new pre-orders, as well as in stock items, to the online store.  So with no further delay, here are some of the new anime figures you can purchase now or pre order!

New Pre-Orders and In Stock Items:


New Instagram Followers Goal - 1500 Follows for Pre-Order Sale!

Our following on Instagram for the past 6 months has been incredible so far, with gaining over 1000 followers, we have managed to beat some of the anime stores that have been round much, much longer than us!  We love our community so much and we want to reach out to even more people, so our new goal is to reach 1500 followers in the coming month.

Now, I am not blind to some of the comments that we get whenever we do a sale at Akibashi!  Some people comment on how some of our pre-order prices do not drop that much during the sale.  Now, from a business point of view (I know, I know..), Akibashi already has a pretty low price for some of the new pre orders that come out compared to other stores, so that is why during the past few sales we have had, the discounts have been quite small for these products. BUT, if we do reach 1500 followers, the promise will be a Pre-Order Promotion, where all our pre-order prices will drop by a bigger price, making future anime merch even more affordable for you!  How about that?!

We will launch this campaign some time early September!

Ask the Community - Do We Change the Bashi Points Redemption System?

So, Akibashi has been alive for 6 months.  We have a very generous loyalty points scheme called Bashi Points, and loads of you have used your Bashi Points very well which we love!  We like to see you come back and spend your hard earned Bashi Points.

But I have had a little review of how the Bashi Points have been redeemed by all of you and I have been thinking of rehauling the rewards that you can get.  There is a reason for this, and I would like your opinion if possible...this may get a little technical, but bear with me.

Here is how the current system works:

700 Bashi Points - £2.50 off order
1300 Bashi Points - £5.00 off order
2000 Bashi Points - £7.50 off order
2500 Bashi Points - £12.50 off order

Now, the problem is not with the amount that you gain from redeeming the Bashi Points.  It is the limitation that you have when redeeming your discounts on checkout.  Since Akibashi is run by Shopify's online transaction system, it only allows customers to redeem ONE code at a time.  So, for example, when you order £150 worth of merch from us, the maximum amount of discount you can have is only £12.50 off that overall order.  Personlly, I think that is very harsh on our most valued customers and they deserve a bit more of a rewarding experience. 

So my new proposed reward system would be this instead:

700 Bashi Points - 4% off your overall order
1300 Bashi Points - 8% off your overall order
2000 Bashi Points - 12% off your overall order
2500 Bashi Points - 16% off your overall order

Bear in mind that these percentages are not finalised, but I feel that converting the rewards from a fixed monetary value to a percentage off your overall order would reflect a more rewarding and fair loyalty system.  So taking the previous example, this is how the new system would look:

Old Reward System with 2500 Bashi Points: £150 - £12.50 = £137.50
New Reward System with 2500 Bashi Points: £150 with 16% off = £126.00

You would be making even more savings at the higher bracket of rewards with the new Bashi Points system!

I won't be making any of these changes until I have heard from our customers first, so if you have like these new proposed changes to the Bashi Points system, or if you have any concerns about it, please leave a comment on this blog or on our Instagram page so I can get all your opinions and choose the right decision that will benefit all of you!

Wow, that was a longer update than expected!  Thanks for reading and I will see you on the next store update!