We are proudly a Good Smile Partner Store! We provide 24hr Tracked Deliveries on all orders! We are proudly rated 5 ★ overall on Trustpilot! We are proudly a Good Smile Partner Store! We provide 24hr Tracked Deliveries on all orders! We are proudly rated 5 ★ overall on Trustpilot!

Store News Update #3

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Store News Update #3

Hello and welcome to another store update here at Akibashi!  This is our third update in regards to some imminent additions that will be occurring within our store as well as a new social goal we will be launching from today!

It has now been exactly 2 months since Akibashi has launched.  The vision for this store was to provide high quality, authentic anime and gaming merchandise for reasonable prices and give the best customer service we can possibly provide; this is through our personal and ultra friendly customer communication through social media as well as using cute, eco-friendly packaging and free, quick  prouct dispatch and delivery.  I am immensely proud of how well this really small but ambitious business has started out so far, serving many different customers and receiving incredibly positive reviews, I never could have dreamt that Akibashi has reached thousands upon thousands of unique visitors, and for that I am forever grateful for the support!

Through your generous and trustful patronage, Akibashi is becoming ever closer to achieving the aim of becoming a Good Smile Company Partner Shop as well as being able to add much more stock to our store, which leads onto the first part of the update!

New Stock Arriving!

From tomorrow (11th April 2019), Akibashi will be adding new stock to the online store as well as a few pre-order items now switching to "In Stock" status.  Here are a few sneak peeks of what new products will be appearing tomorrow:


Very limited stock on Nendoroid Zero Two!


Nendoroid Sakura Kinomoto: Tomoeda Junior High Uniform Ver.

Nendoroid Jotaro Kujo will now be in stock!

My Hero Academia The Amazing Heroes PVC Shoto Todoroki will now be in stock! 

There will be over an additional 20 different items being added to the store on top of what is announced above, ranging from a variety of anime and gaming merchandises, as well as many new pre-orders of Nendoroids from Rising of the Shield Hero, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and many more, so keep your eyes peeled when we make them live tomorrow on our online store!

New Instagram Social Goal - 750 Followers!

Our last social goal on Instagram (which was to get to 500 followers) was a massive success and we promised to put a Flash Sale on all our products for 72 Hours.  You all went pretty mental and worked me to the bone packing all the items up!! But it was amazing and I want to do it again, so here is a new social media goal:

Yup, if we reach 750 Followers on Instagram, I will commence a sale on ALL GOOD SMILE COMPANY FIGURES for 72 Hours!  We are currently on around 580 Followers whilst I am typing this, so it is very doable!  Watch this space because I think this goal can be achieved much quicker than the last one!  Make sure you get your friends to follow us if they love anime and gaming stuff so you all can make a saving!

That's all the updates I have for now regarding Akibashi, with more pre orders incoming and with the Norwich Gaming Market on the horizon next month, I am expecting a pretty busy month ahead , and that is all thanks to you.  I am really grateful for all the support and keeping this dream alive and kicking, I hope that Akibashi continues to be the place that you can get all your anime and gaming merch!