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Store News Update #2

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Store News Update #2

Hello!  This is another store update from Akibashi just to keep you in the loop about what is happening with our online store!  It has been around 1 and a half months since we have launched and things are looking fantastic so far, with many happy customers receiving their awesome anime figures and merch. We have managed to collect all 5 star reviews which is absolutely amazing and we are incredibly proud to receive such high praise.  We really try our best to communicate with you rapidly about any queries you have on Instagram, Facebook or when you email us about anything, ranging from stock requests to delivery, so we are glad that things are working out fantastically!

We have also just recently updated our online store layout with a brand new theme that is catered to mobile view.  The old layout was fine but I think we really needed to have a unique identity within a quite saturated market, so we think the new website really sets us apart from the rest and hopefully gives you a great and easy shopping experience with us.  From what we gather, a lot of you much prefer the new style so that is great news!

Now, here are a few updates on the store that are coming:

New Stock Incoming - Gaming Themed (with a few anime throw-ins!)

We have a new batch of stock coming in by hopefully the 26th-27th March, and most of the stock will be more catered towards bolstering our gaming section, because we do need a bit more of that!  Some of the stock that is coming are items such as keyrings and hats from Nintendo franchises such as Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong as well more Final Fantasy plushes arriving.  We also have Nendoroids of Geralt from The Witcher, Kratos from God of War and Roll from Mega Man 11!

That doesn't mean we have neglected the anime side of things!  We have plushes from One Piece, Death Note as well as figures from Sword Art Online and Dragon Ball Super.  We have also added more pre-order items that include a few Grandista action figures from Banpresto that covers series like Naruto and My Hero Academia.  It is thanks to our customers that we are able to further extend our stock, and hopefully we can do this even more in the near future!


You may be aware if you follow us on Instagram, but we have set a social media goal of trying to achieve 500 Instagram followers.  If we do, we will be setting a 48 Hour flash sale on ALL OUR PRODUCTS!

We are currently sitting on, whilst I type this, 446 Followers!  So we are very, very close to achieving this amazing goal.  So fasten your seatbelt and watch this space, because once we hit 500 Followers, we will start to activate all the sales as soon as we can.  We will update on Instagram and Facebook when the Flash Sale does start, IF we reach the goal (which I am sure we will!)

Norwich Gaming Market - Saturday 18th May

We are going to be attending the Norwich Gaming Market at The Halls on Saturday 18th May.  We will be bringing most of our stock there and selling on the spot, so if you are anywhere near the area, come visit us and have a gander!  Would be amazing to see some of you there and supporting some local business!

Thank you so much for the incredible support for Akibashi so far, we are still a very young business with a huge mountain to climb in order to be successful and put a stamp on the anime/gaming merch market, but I think with our vision and your passion, we can really shine and continue to give you the best customer service, reward you generously with Bashi Points and give you consistently amazing prices.

Thanks again and hope you continue to use us for your anime/gaming merch needs!