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Store News Update #1

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Store News Update #1

Hey! This is just a quick post about news surrounding our online store, just to keep you all in the loop about what is happening here.

First off, since we launched Akibashi just over 2 weeks ago, we have managed to reach around 3000 unique visitors to our online store, which is absolutely incredible and we are incredibly happy about this achievement.  We know that to get our brand out there in the online world and be heard is a very hard task, so for everyone to take their time and explore our initially small, but ambitious store is really nice!

We have also made quite a few sales too which is absolutely fantastic and we are honoured to provide you a service that hopefully you find fun but also quick, efficient and of high quality.  Our vision is to be the best anime store in the UK and we will try our very best to achieve that goal!  Our launch promotion is still ongoing but there are only a couple of spaces left at this point of posting, so make sure you order and grab the 1300 Bashi Points as soon as you can before they are gone!  Who wouldn't want to pass up a £5 off discount code?!

Now, as we have stated, we are a small, startup business that wants to grow and we are aware that our product list, though we believe is full of quality, is limited.  Starting a business from the ground up is a pretty expensive venture I am sure you'd agree!  We are aware that customers have been searching for particular anime products on our store and not being able to find what they are looking for, and that does break my heart every time we fail at that.  The reality is we would love to stock EVERYTHING, but there are unfortunately real life restrictions that stop us from fulfilling that dream...

What I can announce though, is that by hopefully next week, our stock will once again expand and provide you with more choice!  Here are some sneak peeks of what you could be available in our store soon:

Hatsune Miku
    Tokyo Ghoul

      Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
        Sailor Moon

            There will also be more anime series that we will cover that we just need confirmation on, but by expanding our range a bit, hopefully we can reach out more to fulfil your anime needs!

            Once again, thank you so much for making the launch of our online store easy, fun and exciting and we hope that you continue to browse and interact with Akibashi!